Port Health provides comprehensive medical care, virtually, on-board, and in port. 24/7/365.


With our support, international seafarers have quick access to a roster of health services, ensuring crews stay safe and healthy while their vessel stays on budget and on schedule, any time or day of the year. 

Our team of TWIC®-status licensed medical professionals allows us to offer fast, effective and comprehensive on-board service with reliable quotes and consolidated billing, and our in-house medical director means your injured seafarer can bypass urgent care and receive immediate access to a specialist or surgeon. Multilingual health advocates are available to accompany your seafarer every step of the way, ensuring health issues are addressed promptly and effectively, 24/7/365. 


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Port Health’s multilingual agents speak your crew’s language.

Port Health provides comprehensive medical care, virtually, on board, and in port. 24/7/365.

  • Virtual services via Telemed mean that multilingual professional care is always available. By the time you reach shore, Port Health will be standing by. 
  • PH’s team can board your vessel for the quick examination and immediate treatment your crew needs to return to work.
  • When on-shore care is required, PH’s multilingual personal health advocates will accompany your seafarer every step of the way.

Port Health's team of licensed medical professionals can board your vessel and provide your seafarers with the care they need, providing efficient and affordable support.

On Board.

PH's medical team hold Transport Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC®), allowing many medical exams, x-rays and injury care/management to be conducted on board your vessel.

On Time.

Your time is important. TeleMed virtual services let your care begins at sea. By the time your reach shore, PH's medical team will be standing by to come on board or advocate for on-shore treatment.

On Budget.

In the shipping business, time is money. Virtual and on-board services avoid the need to offload crew, and PH’s in-house medical director lets you skip urgent care and have direct access to a specialist or surgeon.

Port Health’s team of licensed medical professionals are your gateway to a full roster of health services.

Support is available via TeleMed, on board, in clinic, at a specialist or in hospital, with no need to visit Urgent Care: 

  • Medical Exams 
  • Wellness Exams 
  • Injury Care/Management 
  • Prescription Support
  • Medical Chest Replenishment
  • Dedicated Advocacy
    for hospital care, dental, vision, specialty doctors and more
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations and Testing
    including RT-PCR and antigen
  • Antigen Test Kits
    including delivery
  • Additional Vaccination Services 
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

We offer service any time of the day or year in the languages most commonly spoken by your seafarers and their crew. 


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Port Health’s multilingual agents speak your crew’s language.

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